Story :

We find, in the popular tales, in the XIXth, long-tailed "fairies cats".
One say that their ancestors came from the Middle East, took by the Vikings who appreciated their talents of hunters aboard their longships to protect their foods from rodents.
The Norwegian or the Norwegian Forest Cat or still, Skogkatt, magnificently adapted himself to the rigors of the climate of the North by developing a woolly undercoat and a waterproof cover coat.
It's about the 1930s when he interested Scandinavian breeders, they decided to protect his characteristics. A first standard is recognized in 1972 and in 1975 the race is recognized by the International Feline Federation.

Standard :

The head makes an equilateral triangle, forehead is lightly round, profile straight, long, without stop or break ; the chin is robust.

The ears are placed in prolongation of head triangle ; well opened to the base and their extremity ended with plumes or "lynx tips" ; the internal hairs extend up to the outside edge of the ear.

The eyes are big, in almond, placed slightly in oblique with a very awake expression. All the colors are accepted whatever is the color of the dress.

The body is long and strong with a good skeleton, the neck is muscular and the breast is wide. Legs are high ; the feet are big and round and have hair tufts between fingers. The tail is as long as the body, thick on the base and very bushy.

The dress is double : a woolly undercoat covered with a long hair (hair of jar), waterproof and polished. The ruffle and the breeches are very supplied.

All the colors are allowed, including all the varieties of colors with white, except the patterns pointed and the colors : chocolate, lilac, cinnamon and fawn.

Some examples of colors :

with white or without


red silver
here with white


(black dilution)

black tabby
with white

Temper :

A big size, a "wild" look and a gold heart.
The Norwegian is a great tender, extremely attentive to all happens in his human family. Always expressive -some are very talkative- he knows perfectly how "to say" -by movement or the voice- what he wants : cuddles, walk or food.
Excellent climber and fine hunter, he adapts itself very well to the life in apartment where a cat's tree and some toys are enough for exercises. Very sociable, he agrees without any trouble to share "his" home with other cats or dogs. He knows how to be soft with the children, never aggressive his defense consists in putting itself under cover (if needed) from the small hands of the youngest.