Kittens stay with their mom til 14 weeks.

They have :
  • regular deworming,
  • vaccine against Typhus, coryza, Leukosis,
  • identification by chip,
  • registred with LOOF
  • and sterilization before they go.

The kitten goes with :

I thank their family for giving news of "my babies" ; I am always very happy to know if they are well adapted to their new life and I like receiving pics which allow me to follow, by far, their evolution.

I undertake you friendly, but firmly, to organize the protection of your future companion in his new environment, you can, for it, consult the section : "Protect him from oll dangers" to keep him as long as possible with you and alive ! If unfortunately he died no matter which reason, don't hesitate to warn me, more awfull is waiting news which don't come anymore...

How to proceed to adopt a kitten ?
It's easy : first a phone call or a e-mail to take a first contact and maybe an appointment.
Then, you come to see the babies, their parents, the place they live. W'll take advantage of this visit to know each other better and answer your questions.
Finally, if you found the kitten of your dreams, I note an option which allows you to take a time of reflection.
For the reservation you sign a certificate of reservation (in duplicate) and pay deposit.

Why 14 weeks ?
It's time a kitten needs to be perfectly socialized, it means to be abble to adapt himself to any new change which can arise in his life, first with the most important : leave his family and discover a new place of life.

The early sterilization :
Kittens are sterilized in 3 months when they go to the veterinarian to make the second vaccinal injection and put the transponder. The kitten will get over faster than an adult, in the evening he plays again with his siblings.
This operation has no influence on the future health or on the growth of the kitten. It's practised for :
- avoid the unwanted birth of kittens,
- assure the breeder that the new owner of the kitten "of company" will not make "wild" reproduction,
- eliminate the problems of micturitions during the heat,
- protect his life and health : no getaway to find a partner, no pill, etc.